She urged the youth to be Patriotic in deeds, not words

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova met Friday with participants of the movement “Uname” stock “a Virtual journey “I love Russia!”. During the conversation, Zakharov said that many who call themselves patriots, do not correspond to the sense of the word. The title of patriot is necessary to “earn deeds, not words”, said the diplomat. According to Zakharova, if the person is not invested in helping people improve life in the country, then call yourself a patriot he shouldn’t.

Zakharov noted that the word “patriot” in the society’s attitude. This means that it is too often used in vain, and be used for nothing. This wine collective, believes Zakharov.

as far as personal descriptions of patriotism, the Zakharova is, on the one hand, love for people, country, nature, history, on the other — an honest and professional work, serving their chosen profession.

she urged the young people not to be afraid to change your life and never succumb to fear, writes TASS.