Sheremetyevo has become the eighth largest airport in Europe

In 2018 “Sheremetyevo” for the first time in the history of Russian airports are among the ten largest in Europe by number of passengers, pushing on the 11 th of Rome “Fiumicino”. Last year the company Alexander Ponomarenko, Alexander Skorobogatko and Arkady Rotenberg has developed a success. In 2019 traffic at Sheremetyevo airport grew by 8.9% and reached 49.9 per million.

This will allow the airport to become now the eighth largest in Europe. After “Sheremetyevo” demonstrates the fastest growth in the top 10. Indicators for the entire 2019 of the competitors reported only airport of Istanbul. Its traffic has not changed – 68 million people. All the others only reported the results for the 11 months. But according to the results of January – November “Sheremetyevo” was the eighth, and December could not affect this alignment. Gatwick throughout the year grew by only 0.5%, and its traffic in 12 months hardly to reach 47 million people. Munich airport has grown rapidly 4-5%, and at the beginning of the year, the press service predicted a passenger traffic of 48 million people. To takes 7th place Barcelona airport “Sheremetyevo” will not be enough approximately 3 million passengers. The representative of Munich airport declined to comment, his colleague from “Gatwick” to a request “Vedomosti” did not answer.

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