Sheremetyevo takes a pause in the construction of new terminals

17 Jan Sheremetyevo has opened the fifth passenger terminal C1. It is designed to receive international flights, its area is 127 375 square meters, the investment together with the six-level Parking facility for 2,500 seats amounted to 32 billion rubles of own funds. This is the second discovery in the last two years: in may of 2018 earned terminal for domestic flights area of 110 500 sq. m and cost about 17 billion rubles, the Throughput of both terminals to 20 million passengers per year. Now the total capacity of “Sheremetyevo” has reached 80 million people. The passenger traffic of Sheremetyevo in 2019 rose 8.9 percent to 49.9 million people – this is the first result in Russia and the eighth in Europe.

the Sixth terminal S2 is planned to start in 2024 and to open in the first quarter of 2026, and its capacity will be not less than 15 million passengers a year, said in an interview with “Vedomosti” Chairman of the Board of Directors “Sheremetyevo” Alexander Ponomarenko. Previously, C2 was planned to build by the end of 2021, about a year ago in an interview with “Vedomosti” said the General Director of “Sheremetyevo” Mikhail Vasilenko.

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