The magnificent Baroque complex is illuminated under the night blue sky, in the arcaded courtyard, the wind ensemble, roasted chestnuts and delicious punch sounds warm variations. The inside is crafted with the kids and baked. There is hardly a more beautiful combination of Imperial atmosphere, festive enjoyment and winter Idyll. The Christmas market at Schloss Hof, a the whole family in on the festivities.

The magnificent Schloss Hof with its impressive terraced gardens and the idyllic estate of the finest Ensembles in Europe. Prinz Eugen created in the 1720s is a very special country home to Relax, celebrate and Marvel at – a magnificent castle complex with exotic plants and animals from all over the world. Even today you can feel that heritage in a winter stroll through the spacious gardens, when you visit the state rooms and the farmhouse, with its rare animals, and faithfully and pet breeds: White donkeys, four-horned goats, Lipizzaner and glasses sheep bring children’s eyes light up. Maybe it’s also the special Christmas magic of this place, that adults discover the Wonder again.

dates: Saturdays and Sundays between 14. November and 23. December 2018


Two more atmospheric Christmas markets in front of the illuminated Baroque facades there are in the nearby Vienna and to discover in Salzburg:

cultural and Christmas market & new year’s market, Schönbrunn Salzburg Christmas market on Cathedral and Residenz square + experience in the Large festival hall.© Salzburg Advent Singing In Salzburg Advent Singing – 200 Years Of “Silent Night! Holy Night!”

In the small Schifferort Oberndorf bei Salzburg was played at Christmas, 1818, for the first time “silent night! Holy Night!”. The 200-year anniversary remembers the Salzburg advent singing in the Large festival house, especially on the history of the world-famous Christmas song.

More than 150 singers, musicians, actors, and pastors kids to travel with the audience to Oberndorf in 1818, and the advent tell the story of Mary and Joseph in the historical context of the time: Salzburg loses 1803 as the spiritual and secular Prince-Archbishopric of its independence, and sink into insignificance. The Rupertiwinkel is awarded to Bavaria, the remainder of the Habsburgs. The small upper village is Run by his city, the new border cut off. The impoverished Schöffleute from “Austro-Run”, however, do not be discouraged. With their tradition of ship theatre you bring for the first time, a advent game to the performance. They do not suspect that after her performance on the Holy night, for the first time, a special song will sound. A song that grows over time all the peoples of the world as a peace song to the heart …

dates: 30.11.2018 – 16.12.2018


In these places in and around Salzburg the magic of the Christmas song, “silent night! Holy night!” is also noticeable:

topics guides to silent-night-places special exhibitions to 200 years of “silent night! Holy Night!”, for example, “silent night 200 – history. Message. The presence of” in the Salzburg Museum fancy a break in the Advent?

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