Shakira officially announced her split from boyfriend Gerard Piqué on Saturday, just hours after the public learned of the singer’s previous hospitalization. She is now clearing up these rumors as well.

The singer Shakira is said to have been hospitalized on the last Saturday in May, according to Spanish media reports in the past few days. There was talk of a nervous breakdown, according to eyewitnesses, she is said to have cried on the street. Everything indicated that the Colombian singer’s emotional public appearance could have something to do with her breakup with her boyfriend, which was not yet known at the time.

Yesterday, Saturday, the singer cleared up separation and hospital rumors after more than a week. For one, she officially announced the split from Gerard Piqué. She has been with him since 2011, they have two sons aged seven and nine, but the celebrity couple had never married. Her ex-boyfriend is accused of at least one fling, the 45-year-old is said to have even caught him in the act.

Shakira was only visiting the hospital

However, according to Twitter, Shakira’s hospitalization had nothing to do with her breakup with her boyfriend. On the social media portal, she is now also clearing up these speculations and writes: “Guys, I’m getting more and more messages about the fact that I was recently seen in a hospital in Barcelona. That’s why I wanted to let you know that these photos last weekend, May 28th, because my father had a very unfortunate fall. I accompanied him to the hospital where he is now also recovering.”

As proof of this statement, she posts a photo of herself and her dad, whose face is covered in bruises. Shakira kisses him lovingly on the cheek. On the social media channels of her ex-boyfriend Gerard Piqué, on the other hand, it has so far remained silent about the separation of the former dream couple.

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