The shower head on the watering can has an important function and the inclination of the attachment also makes a big difference. Read here whether you should align it up or down.

The shower head on the spout of a watering can divides the water jet. This causes it to lose concentration and strength and can therefore be better absorbed into the irrigated soil.

If a single solid jet hits the soil, it can be floated up, washed away and roots can be exposed.

The shower attachment also ensures better distribution of the water. The plant is supplied with water evenly at all roots.

A watering can attachment not only ensures gentler and more even watering of your flowers and plants – it is also multifunctional.

The shower head can be aligned up or down. Depending on which way you put the shower head on the watering can, the attachment serves a different purpose.

If you position the head so that the small holes are aligned downwards, i.e. the head looks downwards, you can irrigate smaller areas in a targeted manner. This procedure is ideal for watering potted plants, balcony boxes and flower pots.

However, for large-area irrigation, it is best to turn the head of the shower the other way around; so that the small holes face upwards. Beds or lawns are watered this way. The small jets of water also hit the ground more indirectly, which can be an advantage for freshly sown crops, for example.

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