A daily apple is good for the heart and blood vessels and prevents asthma, diabetes and cancer. When you cut open an apple, the cells in the flesh are destroyed. The polyphenols contained, which have many health benefits, come into contact with oxygen and melanin is formed, which is responsible for the brown color. The quick and stronger coloring is actually a sign that there is a lot of healthy stuff in the apple. However, it just doesn’t look nice. However, you can prevent this with a simple trick.

You often hear the trick of drizzling lemon juice on the apple – this hack actually helps and the fruit doesn’t turn brown. However, you don’t always have lemons in the house. But the main catch is that the lemon has an intense taste and the pure apple enjoyment is lost. But there is a trick that is just as easy to implement and where the apple doesn’t take on a different taste.

To do this you need two ingredients that you always have in the house – tap water and table salt. And this is how it works: First you peel the apples. Then fill a bowl with water and add some table salt. The apple slices are then left to soak in salt water for around five to ten minutes – and they no longer turn brown. If you want to eat the apples straight away, rinse them briefly with water. Otherwise you can also store them in an airtight container. Because the effect that the fruit doesn’t turn brown lasts for quite a while afterwards.

Another method used to combat brown apples is the rubber band trick. The apple quarters are put back together the way they originally belonged together. Then put a rubber band over the apple. It now looks like it wasn’t cut. This means that oxygen no longer reaches the interfaces and therefore does not turn brown.

The original for this article “How to prevent apples from turning brown – even without lemon juice” comes from KUKKSI.