Almost nobody in Germany knows her, but she is a world star in the metal scene: “Sing mein Song” focused on Floor Jansen’s work – and she showed everyone where the hammer was.

The attraction of “Sing mein Song” is generally that artists deliver unforeseen and original versions of the songs of their fellow musicians, so that the audience applauds in admiration at the end.

It was a little different on Tuesday evening: the focus was on the work of Floor Jansen from the Netherlands. And the performance that made everyone open their mouths came from Floor Jansen. An artist about whom very little is known in Germany – she is a world star in the metal genre: she has already played in more than 40 countries worldwide with her band Nightwish.

In her private life, however, the wild Amazon on stage is a real family man: she lives on a farm near Gothenburg with her partner, Sabaton drummer Hannes Van Dahl, and their daughter Freja.

Metal on “Sing My Song”

While the 41-year-old talked about her life, the other show participants made a real effort to bring the viewer closer to Jansen’s work, which is largely unknown outside of metal fans. Appropriate interpretations emerged.

That was evident right at the beginning of the evening with Lotte’s soulful version of “Noise”. Clueso then transformed the Nightwish number “Sleeping Sun” into a completely original song with new German lyrics. Those present agreed afterwards that they had seen a completely new singer, a “rock clueso”.

Kelvin Jones transported the heavy “Storytime” into a grooving gospel blues and received as much recognition as Elif, who took on Floor Jansen’s first solo single “Fire”.

Floor Jansen enchants everyone

But when Floor Jansen entered the stage, everything before was just waste: while the powerful-voiced Dutch singer performed her new single “Storm”, the listeners held their breath. That was in a class of its own.

Johannes Oerding then had the thankless task of continuing the evening. He turned the rock number “While Love Died” from Jansen’s second band Northward into a piano ballad, and in the end SDP were finally able to perform the song that most must have been waiting for: They sang “Amaranth”, the one with 115 million YouTube views biggest Nightwish hit.

Vincent Stein and Dag-Alexis Kopplin wrote their own German text for it and hit Floor Jansen right in the heart. Consequently, she gave the two the flower for the best performance of the evening.

“Sing my song” is always on Tuesdays at 8:15 p.m. on Vox. The current episode can also be streamed on RTL.