With one of her most famous songs, Marianne Rosenberg failed in a music competition in which the pop icon took part more on urging. The song became a hit nonetheless.

Pop singer Marianne Rosenberg (67) can only do something with the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) to a limited extent. “It’s a happening, somehow also a nice party if you watch it with friends,” she told the German Press Agency in Berlin.

“But I don’t really follow it. I’m actually not interested in competitions, they don’t make a musical presentation any better.”

She used to take part in these preliminary decisions – “but that was also due to my record company, which said it would be nice if you took part. If you win, we’d be happy and we’ll extend the contract. You also have an employment relationship.”

Everyone has to make compromises somewhere, according to Rosenberg (“He belongs to me”, “Marleen”). “With “He belongs to me” I failed in the German preliminary round, but had a huge hit in my own country. Maybe I should do it again, fail and have a big hit.”

The singer, who has been on stage for more than 50 years, released a new album this Friday (July 8): On “Diva” Rosenberg sings German cover versions of hits from the disco era.