The world of poetry and reality: When Konstantin Wecker was a young man, there was a definite gap. The musician admits that he had a “stupid behavior”.

According to his own words, musician Konstantin Wecker often did not behave the way he described it in his lyrics, especially as a young man.

“In my life I have been richly gifted with texts that were sometimes far ahead of me,” said the 75-year-old to the “Frankish Day”. “I still remember how, as a young man, I had a really stupid demeanor, just like young men often do. But in my texts this stupid demeanor was not expressed even then. »

His texts were thoughtful, witty and humanistic, although at the time he was “still on the move in a completely different way. My lyrics were smarter than myself.”

The Munich resident is considered by many to be an icon of resistance to the right. His ballad “Willy” about a young man who is killed by neo-Nazis in a bar fight is a cult song. At festivals, vigils, demos and concerts, the singer-songwriter calls for a fight against right-wing violence and hate speech, and his music contains messages and criticism of abuses.