Update from the 24. October 2018:

The cutting of the umbilical cord hit by Arafat Abou-Chaker, which lasted almost two years, and happened, among other things, because Anna-Maria fer-Chichi put her husband under pressure. Since then, the family should have to fear for the own, as well as the lives of their children. And this fear is not entirely unfounded: the police does not preclude a retaliation of the Clan chiefs against the family fer-Chichi.

But curl up instead, Anna-Maria fer-Chichi, sister of Sarah Connor, on the Offensive: For the case that someone from the family fer-Chichi is a victim of a crime, you put, according to B. for example, sensitive information about the Abou-Chaker Clan in to your lawyer.

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Enrolment of Aaliyah #my family

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Anna-Maria fer-Chichi: Sister of Sarah Connor in Instagram in the Offensive

enough of that: On Instagram, the lion mom to handle in your Insta-Story Arafat Abou-Chaker publicly: “We are parents of five children. Never forget I would do anything to protect it! EVERYTHING! I’m ready to bring you to where you belong – in jail!“, the clear message from Anna-Maria fer-Chichi was.

+ In your Instagram Story Anna-Maria fer-Chichi to attack the Clan leader.© Screenshot Instagram

Such announcements is that of the Clan chief Arafat Abou-Chaker, seemingly not used to: “With a woman, the spin, can’t handle,” says Anna-Maria fer-Chichi in an Interview with the star. Arafat Abou-Chaker has deleted in the meantime, his Instagram profile.

Drama in the family of Sarah Connor: Bushido contact the Clan leader?

message from the 9. October 2018:

Berlin – Brings Rap Star Bushido (40) Sarah Connors (38) family in danger again? How nordbuzz.de* reported, could solve the Rapper recently made the threatening connection to the Abou-Chaker-Clan. Nevertheless, Bushido, according to the will