Whether in the office or in front of the TV, in the car or while eating: we spend up to 7.5 hours a day sitting down. So it is hardly surprising why millions of people suffer from back problems.

A health report by the DAK (status: 2018) shows that 77 percent of those surveyed suffer from complaints in the lumbar spine – i.e. in the lower back. These are often due to staying in an unhealthy posture for too long, i.e. static sitting. Added to this is the job-related lack of exercise that goes hand in hand with millions of jobs. In order to relieve the intervertebral discs in everyday life and prevent long-term postural damage, a healthy sitting posture is more important than ever. This can be supported by a functional wedge seat cushion: The sloping base ensures that you automatically assume an upright position when sitting and relieve your spine.

For whom is a wedge pillow suitable?

A wedge cushion on the chair tilts your pelvis, stretches the lumbar spine and relieves the intervertebral discs and muscles in the thighs and hips. For this reason, the upholstered underlay is particularly suitable for people who have to do their work sitting down – and therefore often suffer from chronic or acute back problems. In other words, the slanted seat cushion should always be used if you already suffer from pain in the lumbar area or want to strengthen your back muscles to prevent possible postural damage.

Which wedge cushions are recommended?

Dynmc you: This model weighs only 540 grams and is available in three different colors. The cover is breathable, has a zipper and can therefore be cleaned in the washing machine (at 30 degrees). It also has knobs on the underside to prevent the pillow from slipping. The wedge seat cushion itself is made of foam and is particularly dimensionally stable. The Dynmc-you wedge cushion is available here.

Flipline: Here, too, the wedge pillow has a non-slip velvet cover that is removable and machine-washable. Thanks to the carrying handle, the 762 gram model can be taken anywhere and, according to the manufacturer, offers the right mix of seating comfort and degree of hardness. The scope of delivery also includes an e-book about “The Secret of Sitting”. The Flipline wedge cushion is available here.

Bonmedico: The memory foam wedge pillow made of viscoelastic gel foam has the positive property of always returning to its original shape after use. The cover, which can be washed at 60 degrees, has a separate handle and the usual anti-slip knobs. The pillow is 721 grams light and can be used anywhere. The Bonmedico wedge pillow is available here.

Seatwith: According to the manufacturer, this dimensionally stable seat wedge cushion has an optimal seat hardness. The seat core made from recycled material is surrounded by a gray linen and polyester cover, which also has a special anti-slip coating and can be washed at 30 degrees. The 499 gram cushion comes with a carrying case. The Seatwith wedge cushion is available here.

Beautissu: In contrast to the other wedge pillows, this model has an “Oeko-Tex Standard 100” seal. It’s made from high-quality composite foam, which is designed not to compress even after prolonged sitting. The non-slip cover, made from mixed fabrics (60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester), can also be washed at 30 degrees. The Beautissu wedge cushion is available here.

Lenix: This model has a recess: By releasing the coccyx, the orthopedic seat cushion is intended to relieve the back and leg muscles as well as the pelvic floor. According to the manufacturer, the seat wedge cushion made of memory foam retains its shape up to a load of 85 kilograms. Another special feature is the gel coating, which creates a cooling effect and counteracts perspiration. The breathable protective cover is also washable and has an anti-slip coating on the underside. The Lenix wedge cushion is available here.

Buying a seat wedge cushion: You should pay attention to this

If you want to buy a wedge cushion for your (office) chair to relieve your back, you have to pay attention to the following criteria:

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