Paris loves the great heights, those who attract the whole world into the City of Light, and recall that, in the international field, France is still considered very often as a great power. But rarely diplomatic programme has been more responsible than the one who is going to bottle the capital’s streets this weekend.

sixty officers and about 80 foreign delegations will attend on Sunday at the climax of the commemorations of the armistice of 1918, a ceremony is out of the ordinary to the Arc de triomphe. A lot will be followed by the inauguration of the first Forum on peace at la Villette, a global summit organised by France to defend multilateralism, is attacked from all sides, but especially by Donald Trump. Use the lessons of the past to prepare for the future: this is the message that will accompany the foreign guests of the Arc de triomphe to la Villette.

“Detected global challenges”

To withstand the blows of the principle of cooperation between the countries, Emmanuel Macron, has loaded the two great figures of multilateralism, the secretary-general of the united nations, Antonio Guterres, and German chancellor, Angela Merkel, to open with the Forum on the peace.

“For a year and a half, Emmanuel Macron has laid the foundation of its diplomacy. He has released roadmaps on all subjects. Now, it will implement them”

A diplomat close to the government

The project, carried out by Justin Vaïsse, the director of the Center for analysis, forecast and policy of the Quai d’orsay, is based on the model provided by the COP21 on climate. Intended to be an annual event with the soft power, the French, the Forum for peace brings together NGOS, think-tanks, companies. “In the Face of the ineffectiveness of the UN, to the increase of military budgets and the emergence of issues such as global warming or migration, which do not respect borders, the only solution is to deal with all countries,” said a diplomat

For Emmanuel Macron, who has just been through a roaming hectic, and going through a difficult period in the polls, these two heavy clips, diplomatic may be an opportunity to relaunch the machine, and to place himself above the fray. They must reaffirm that “the international cooperation is essential to address the global challenges and ensure global peace,” said one diplomat.

They could even signal the beginning of a new phase of French foreign policy. “For a year and a half, Emmanuel Macron has laid the foundation of its diplomacy. He has released roadmaps on all subjects. Now, it is going to implement,” said a diplomat close to the government.

Meetings of corridors

The commemorations of the Armistice and the peace Forum in the open in a period of diplomatic very intense for France. Next month, Paris will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the universal Declaration of Human rights. In January 2019, France will assume the presidency of the G7, one of the speakers of multilateralism.

no one expects nor diplomatic breakthrough nor a particular voltage during the two events. Donald Trump, whose policy based on the report of force and unilateralism in the collimator direct Forum on peace, will not participate in it. It déjeunera on the other hand Saturday at the Élysée palace after a meeting in head-to-head with Emmanuel Macron. There will not be a parallel summit between the american president and Vladimir Putin, that should still shake hands. But, as at every major international summit, the halls will host many meetings ad hoc . Several topics that should force the passage: the war in Syria, the crisis in saudi and the relations between Serbia and Kosovo.