Cracked and brittle lips are not uncommon, especially in winter. Cold temperatures and heated air promote dehydration. But even in summer, the lips need protection from the sun. Find out how lip balm can help here.

In winter, it can quickly lead to chapped lips and a constant feeling of tightness, because cold outside temperatures and dry heating air dry out the skin more. In summer, UV rays can cause sunburn on the lips. The result is rough, sometimes cracked lips. To make matters worse, the skin on the lips is very thin and therefore more sensitive. There are practically no sebaceous glands in the lips, so that valuable fat, which normally protects the skin from drying out, is missing on the lips. Read this article to find out what you should pay attention to when choosing care products such as lip balm.

The ingredients in the lip balm are crucial

Did you know that moistening your lips with your tongue can provide temporary relief, but contributes to dehydration in the long term? In fact, the skin simply needs fat. The easiest way to care for your lips is with practical lip balm (such as from the natural cosmetics brand Weleda). It is available in pharmacies, drugstores or online. Aside from fat, nourishing and anti-inflammatory ingredients are recommended. These can be, for example, medicinal plants such as marigold or substances such as dexpanthenol. The latter influences wound healing and accelerates skin repair and is therefore particularly suitable for chapped lips.

Lip balm comes with and without color

Lip balm comes in a variety of formulations and packaging. There are also lip care products with color pigments that combine care and lipstick in one product (such as Burt’s Bees lip balm). In contrast to conventional lipstick, however, colored lip balm contains nourishing ingredients so that the lips are well supplied with moisture. However, if your lips are irritated and cracked, an expert in an interview with the Apotheken Umschau advises not to use perfumed products containing dyes. In such a case, you should use lip balm with dexpanthenol (such as this lip care from Eucerin).

The skin is individual

According to the expert’s advice, the following also applies: If you have had good experiences with a care product, you should continue to use it. However, there is no universal remedy. Therefore, try different products and see how your skin reacts. A useful and mostly neglected tip is to apply UV protection to your lips. There are lip balms with SPF that you can apply every day.

Source: Apotheken Umschau

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