Philips has given its Hue products a small update: The Hue Gradient Signe is now available in a wood look. The table lamp cuts a fine figure, especially in the bedroom. The star took a closer look at them.

Philips demands a whopping 239.99 euros recommended retail price for its Hue Gradient Signe Oak. The table lamp is already familiar to most fans of the Hue products. Its wood look is new. Of course, what makes the Gradient product range special is that the lamps light up in different colors at the same time and are intended to ensure a special feel-good factor. According to the manufacturer, the Philips Hue Gradient Signe Oak displays up to 16 million different colors with a maximum brightness of 1,800 lumens. Logical: The lamp only achieves this brightness with the white tones. If it lights up in other colors, the brightness is correspondingly lower. But what else can the lamp do? The star subjected them to the everyday test.

Scope of delivery and setup

When it comes to the scope of delivery, Philips limits itself to the essentials: lamp, power supply unit and instructions, that’s all it needs. The first impression of the Hue Gradient Signe is positive. Their workmanship looks valuable, which shouldn’t be any different at a price of around 240 euros. The base is heavier than it appears at first glance, offers a secure footing and, thanks to the new wood look, looks a bit more homely than its predecessors. As a reminder: the predecessors are available entirely in white or black. They looked a bit more sterile compared to the wood look. Otherwise, the design takes nothing. It is simply futuristic and blends calmly and unobtrusively into any room.

Anyone who has already set up a Philips Hue lamp should have no problems starting up the Hue Gradient Signe. Simply connect the power supply to the power supply, use the app to search for the lamp, give it a name and assign it to a room, done. The Gradient Signe obeys via voice command, app or tap dial switch. Automatisms can be defined in the app, for example when and how the lamp should simulate a sunrise. This is practical in the bedroom, although the function is less useful in summer than in winter. Be that as it may, the Philips Hue Gradient Signe Oak manages the simulated sunrise without any problems.


The main reason to buy Gradient products is their slightly more comprehensive features compared to Philips white bulbs. One of those features is syncing with Spotify. The device can be set up again via the Hue app on the smartphone. All buyers have to do is link their Spotify account to their Hue account. This works in the respective apps. You have to log into the Hue app and Spotify once each and grant approval there, that’s it. In the test, the lamp flashed in time with the sounds of Katy Perry’s “Roar” without any problems. It’s a nice gimmick for a party.

If you want to place the lamp next to your TV, you can also synchronize the image with the light from the lamp. Film fans already know this backlighting feature from the Ambilight televisions from Philips. If you want to synchronize the picture without an Ambilight TV, you need the sync box from Philips. Gamers, on the other hand, are happy to be synchronized with a computer. This is also possible without a sync box and gives the gaming setup a special atmosphere, but only works if the corresponding computer is switched on.

The scenes are more interesting for everyday life. These are preset colors and brightness levels for the Hue lamps in the room, which are intended to create a relaxed atmosphere. And that actually works very well, especially if you like to read just before falling asleep. A single Philips Hue Gradient Signe Oak bedside lamp may just about suffice. However, the effect should be nicer if there are several Hue gradient light sources in the room.

Philips Hue Gradient Signe Oak: Conclusion

The Gradient Signe Oak is a harmonious extension for the bedside, desk and TV table. Commissioning via the app works quickly and easily. Behind the television, it is particularly suitable for users who call a sync box their own. Gamers appreciate the lamps on their desk if they want to offer their gaming setup a playful light background. For the vast majority of buyers, the Gradient Signe Oak ends up on the bedside table. There it cuts a particularly good figure thanks to the wake-up function and dynamic scene. However, 240 euros is pretty steep for an undoubtedly great bedside lamp.

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