Smithton butcher John Perry, also known as “Pezza,” has impressed viewers by making it into the top 10 of this year’s MasterChef Australia competition. The 43-year-old from the small town in Tasmania’s north-west coast revealed that he was nervous in the first week of the competition but managed to secure his spot in the top 10.

Perry admitted that his biggest fear was cooking desserts, as he prefers to cook savory dishes. However, he surprised himself by excelling in a cherry blossom dessert challenge set by guest chef Darren Purchese. Despite his initial reservations, Perry found the experience of mastering desserts to be rewarding.

While Perry is thriving on the MasterChef stage, he expressed missing his family back in Smithton. His wife, Jen, their four teenage and adult children, and four grandchildren have been cheering him on from home. Perry shared that being away from his family for an extended period is challenging, as he is used to spending quality time with them, especially on their evening walks.

As the competition progresses, Perry and the other remaining contestants are gearing up to face some of the toughest challenges on MasterChef Australia. Fans can catch all the action on Channel Ten, with new episodes airing on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday evenings at 7:30 pm.

Perry’s journey on MasterChef serves as an inspiration to aspiring home cooks, proving that with determination and passion, anyone can excel in the kitchen. His dedication to honing his skills and stepping out of his comfort zone is a testament to his culinary talent and ambition. Viewers eagerly anticipate seeing Perry continue to impress the judges and push his culinary boundaries in the upcoming episodes of the show.