The HSV striker Pierre-Michel Lasogga is for three years with his girlfriend Sally. Meanwhile, the two parents are of the one-year-old Milou. In the “BamS” reported the interview the Couple in a Double, how they met, and how the family on the young woman responded.

“I am absolutely not a daredevil-type,” says the 26-year-old Lasogga in the conversation. He was totally shy when it comes to women. He got to see Sally sitting in a coffee shop, and I’ve been a jerk, and you responded. “I think I’ve done reasonably cool”, the HSV-players.

criticism of the New docu-Soap the HSV Stars The Kardashians from the pot – why not to look away at the Lasoggas

Pierre-Michel Lasogga is a Reality Star. In a number of consequences of the HSV-player shows clips from his family life. This is strongly reminiscent of another famous family – and is just as embarrassing as it is fascinating.

Pierre-Michel Lasogga brings Toffifee to Date with

His wife took the Initiative, although “cute”, but “a bit clumsy, it was,” confesses the newspaper. Nevertheless, the two had exchanged phone numbers and would have taken more. “So sweet was that he brought me to every Meeting Toffifee,” says Sally. She had met a professional football player, was not have been initially clear. First, as Pierre-Michel Lasogga on walks with her, was approached by Fans and after photos was asked, the concept of you Dating, you who as. “I had to get used to me, definitely a first,” she says of the “BamS”. The first step in the direction of the relationship, Pierre had taken-Michel. He wanted to know what was going on now.

Pierre-Michel Lasogga is an absolute family man. Especially to his mother, Kerstin, he has a cordial relationship. Therefore, it was important that the family accepted the new girlfriend at his side. At the first joint Meeting Sally had been “really excited,” she says. “I can still remember when I came into the living room and me the whole family has looked at.” But with a, two white wine you have mastered the ritual. In the meantime, mother Lasogga and Sally go together. Sally says she has “huge respect” for this “insane woman”.