Sobyanin: the amendments do not mean that the President will be reassigned automatically

To the reign of the oligarchs amendments to the Constitution will not, assured the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin in interview to TV channel “Russia 24”. “Frankly, we and the oligarchs remained, even any names so I do not know”, — he added.

Sergei Sobyanin said that after the vote on constitutional amendments, rather, the government will be strengthened, will strengthen its sovereignty and the guarantees of inviolability of its borders. While the mayor stressed that many privatized enterprises have already returned to the state and large private companies a significant impact on public administration do not render.

“This is nothing more than idle talk, — said Sobyanin in relation to fears of the return of the oligarchs and their government.

in addition, Sobyanin stressed that the adoption of the amendments to the Constitution also does not mean that the Russian President will be automatically reappointed to a new term. The mayor urged all to come to a vote.

He noted that everyone has their own opinion. Sobyanin urged not to give at the mercy of “our own decisions, decisions in our own destiny, the destiny of our country.”

in addition, voting is our civic duty, continued the mayor. Every Muscovite among the amendments may find one that touches him personally, said the mayor of Moscow. He also added that the risk of infection is still there, so you enter from June 25 to early and electronic voting.

the Vote on constitutional amendments scheduled for 22 April 2020. But because of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 and introduced measures for the isolation of the voting the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has moved to 1 July.