Waiver of the verification tick fee: According to a report, the largest advertisers and the most popular companies and organizations will be exempted from paying.

According to a media report, Twitter wants to waive the subscription fee of around 1000 euros per month for a verification tick for some companies and organizations.

The exception should apply to the 500 largest advertisers and the 10,000 companies and organizations with the most followers, the New York Times wrote on Friday night, citing an internal Twitter paper.

Twitter owner Elon Musk, who has acted as a spokesman for the short message service since the press department was dissolved, initially did not comment on the report.

Verification icons will be removed from April 1st

Musk announced a few days ago that the previous verification symbols, which Twitter had given free to celebrities, politicians or companies, should be removed from April 1st. The blue tick icons used to be a sign that an account actually belongs to a specific person or company. Now there is concern that there could be more fake accounts again – or that a real profile will not appear trustworthy.

Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion in October. After a slump in advertising revenue, he wants to make more money with subscription fees. Any user who takes out a subscription for eight dollars can now get a tick that looks just like it used to. After the new system was introduced in November, there was chaos with fake corporate and celebrity accounts. In the meantime, this should be prevented with a few precautionary measures.

For verified companies and organizations in Germany, Twitter sets the base price in Germany at 950 euros per month plus 50 euros for each connected account. In the US, it’s 1000 and $50 each. You get golden yellow symbols instead of the previous blue ones. The authenticity of these profiles should actually be checked. Meanwhile, the “New York Times” has already announced that one will not pay for such a symbol.