Society: Habeck expects major disputes over war costs


    Life in Germany is becoming more expensive – also because of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck warns to keep an eye on social fairness.

    Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck expects major social disputes over the follow-up costs of the Russian war against Ukraine in autumn and winter.

    “We will experience a dramatic increase in heating costs,” he said on the ZDF program “Maybrit Illner”. “Whether the political measures will then be sufficient to maintain social peace and the feeling that things are fair in this country will be the decisive question of autumn and winter. I’m not quite sure yet,” he said when asked if Germany could run out of breath in supporting Ukraine and sanctions against the attacker Russia.

    Habeck pointed out that the longer the war lasted in this country, a habituation effect could set in. Other topics, including the Bundesliga, could suppress outrage at Russian aggression and atrocities.

    The Russian war and, to some extent, the sanctions imposed by Western countries have already caused the prices for energy and, as a result, also for other products to rise significantly.