In a number of stores in Germany, customers cannot currently pay with a card. The payment service provider Payone announces that this will change again soon.

After days of problems with card payments in retail, the payment service provider Payone is successfully using a solution package from the terminal manufacturer.

The manufacturer Verifone has now made the necessary problem-solving package available for the H5000 card terminal affected by a software error, Payone announced on Wednesday in Frankfurt. This is intended to restore the functionality of the affected terminals in order to install the modified software update. “We immediately started using this solution with selected customers and have already been able to achieve the first positive results,” it said.

Payone will now gradually coordinate and carry out the technician assignments on site with the prepared logistics chains. In addition, a multi-pronged approach is used. The first terminals have already been replaced and additional replacement devices have been procured. As long as the update cannot be carried out locally by some customers, Payone also offers the transition to direct debit-based payment methods so that merchant customers can accept card payments again as quickly as possible.

Since last Tuesday, customers have not been able to pay with a giro, credit or debit card at some retailers. Recently, some discounters had announced that consumers would soon be able to make cashless purchases from companies everywhere again. The H5000 terminal is used by the service provider Payone, among others.