Up to 8000 migrants divided into three caravans will converge to the United States, which takes place this Tuesday the mid-term elections, that the american president has placed under the sign of the fight against illegal immigration. In the day of Monday, the most important of the three caravans, with 4000 migrants, made a stop in Mexico city.

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Installed on trucks travelling on the highway that connects the State of Puebla (center) in the mexican capital, the migrants arrived in a disorganized manner toward a stadium built by the city authorities to house them. Approximately 470 migrants have arrived on Sunday in the city and spent the night in this refuge, where large tents have been erected and where they receive food, water and medical care, found the AFP. Monday in the late morning, there were 2000 migrants in this shelter and they were 4000 in the afternoon, according to the civil Protection.

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The shelter built in a stadium in the capital has a capacity of 5000 people. Medical posts have been installed, where migrants are treated in particular for respiratory problems and flu-related to low temperatures. After the scorching heat they were subjected to during the first part of their journey, migrants are now faced with the icy wind which blows in Mexico city, to more than 2000 meters of altitude. A large part of the rest of the caravan had spent the previous night in Puebla, about 120 km from Mexico city, while approximately another 1,500 migrants, mainly women and children, left Monday, the city of Cordoba, to the east, in the State of Veracruz, in the direction of Mexico city.

many of the migrants have planned to do of the administrative procedures with mexican authorities to obtain a transit permit to reach the border of the United States. To achieve this, they will have to browse through 2,800 km to reach the border city of Tijuana, in the north-west of Mexico, or about 1000 km to win Reynosa, in Tamaulipas State, one of the most dangerous in the country, to the Texas border, where 72 migrants were executed by the cartel of los Zetas in 2010. The immigrants, mostly Hondurans, had left the 13 October of their countries to Guatemala, fleeing violence and poverty, and then had crossed illegally the border of Guatemala with Mexico. In Puebla, the migrants have been accommodated in four shelters placed at their disposal by the catholic Church. They arrived in vans, trucks, buses of the local police or even taxis. On Monday, they resumed their advance on the capital on trucks, on which they put to the points of the toll highway leading to the mexican capital.

migrants welcomed to the stage Jesus Martinez of Mexico city. Rodrigo Abd/AP

the other Two trailers are on the road in the States of Oaxaca and Chiapas, in southern Mexico. Each has between 1500 and 2000 people, according to the national Commission of Human rights (CNDH). According to the mexican ministry of the Interior, approximately 3230 Central america have filed applications for asylum since the entry of the first caravan in mexican territory. These processions of migrants who want to go to the United States have raised the ire of president Donald Trump, who has a lot focused his campaign on illegal immigration before the general elections mid-term that are being held this Tuesday.

Denouncing for several days an “invasion,” Donald Trump announced last week that sending military to the border to prevent their entry, indicating that their number could go up to 15,000. Some 5200 american soldiers should be deployed by Monday evening in the u.s. border States of Mexico, has declared to the press a spokesman for the u.s. department of Defense, colonel Bob Manning. They will join 2100 reservists of the national Guard there for several months in this area. On the eve of the elections, the United States will have so as announced pre-positioned about 7,000 military to the border for this operation, called “Patriot, faithful” meant to block the migrants central american coming there to seek asylum.

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Of their sides, the presidents of honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, and guatemala, Jimmy Morales, agreed Monday to address the root causes pushing their citizens to leave their country in caravans in the direction of the United States and penalizing those who promote such migration. The president of Guatemala, traveled to Honduras in order to develop with his neighbor a plan of action in order to avoid that the inhabitants of their respective countries continue to emigrate to the United States. The two presidents of central america agreed on “the need to invest in our country to create job opportunities,” said Jimmy Morales in a press conference. Later in the evening, the head of the guatemalan State, traveled to el Salvador to meet with the vice-president of el salvador Oscar Ortiz about the thousands of migrants going through Mexico, announced to the AFP a spokesman for the vice-presidency.