Sonya Kraus has completed her chemotherapy. How is the moderator now?

At the beginning of the year, Sonya Kraus (49) made her breast cancer public. The presenter has now completed the subsequent chemotherapy. In an interview with “Bild”, Kraus explains that she is now doing “outrageously well”. Occasionally she is “a little gaga in the head,” jokes the 49-year-old. “Doctors refer to it as chemo-brain. Malicious tongues claim that this is normal for me.”

Mentally, Kraus feels “stronger than ever”. “Actually, I’ve always been pretty relaxed, but now? I’m so chilled with everything!” Said the moderator. She also advises this mentality on everyone who has just received a diagnosis: “It is what it is! So let’s make the best of it. Fear eats away at the soul and a horror show in your head saps your strength […] My focus was always on the positive aspects and this mental attitude was a real booster for me.”