Alexander Zverev injured himself at the French Open. Sophia Thomalla reported with an emotional message on Instagram.

After tennis pro Alexander Zverev (25) apparently got seriously injured in the semifinals of the French Open, Sophia Thomalla (32) now speaks up. On Instagram she wrote: “My heart shattered into a thousand pieces when I saw the accident. Sport can be so incredibly cruel.” Now the focus is on her partner’s speedy recovery, she added. The two had made their relationship public in October 2021.

Zverev himself had posted a video on his Instagram story and talked about his injury. He twisted his ankle in the match against Rafael Nadal (36) and had to give up the game. “It looks like I have a very serious injury,” he said in the clip. It’s not an easy moment for him, he added, promising to keep his fans updated. Apparently the diagnosis is still pending.