Soprano: Russian opera diva Netrebko: “I love my country”


    In an interview, the singer once again comments on the criticism that has happened to her. She condemned the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. What does she say to Putin?

    The Russian opera diva Anna Netrebko is committed to her homeland despite the Russian war against Ukraine.

    «I love my country, my culture, the people. I don’t think it’s right what’s happening there right now, but I’ll remain a Russian,” said the 50-year-old singer in an interview with the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”. At the same time, she again denied that she was said to be close to Russian President Vladimir Putin and condemned the Russian war of aggression.

    “I am of course against this terrible violence,” she said. “I know many fates, people who were bombed, people who had to flee, everything. We talk a lot about this because it moves me deeply. But I can’t change anything about this situation.”

    come under criticism

    Netrebko, who lives in Vienna among other places, was criticized for her initially hesitant attitude towards the war and an alleged closeness to Putin. Several opera houses had canceled performances by her. In the interview, the soprano confirmed that she had only met the Russian President “a few times” in person.

    She also commented on the controversial concert for her 50th birthday last year in the Kremlin. This was “not at all” a commitment to Putin, it was more about “a completely normal concert” for which tickets were sold. “An independent organizer organized everything, not the Kremlin.”

    Celebrated in Monaco and Paris

    Netrebko took a break of several months after the war began. She recently returned to the stage and has been celebrated with performances in Monaco and Paris. This summer she wants to come to Regensburg, the Cologne Philharmonic and the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie together with her husband Yusif Eyvazov for concerts. “I see my task as fighting against any Russophobia by performing and singing on stage, including Russian repertoire, which is sometimes undesirable now,” she said.

    On the other hand, she currently has no plans to sing in Russia, “because I think it’s not the right time. But to be clear, I love performing in my country and I look forward to singing there again as soon as circumstances allow.”