In a pub in Soweto, South Africa, 14 people were shot dead and ten people were injured – three of them are in mortal danger. What is known about the motifs so far?

At least 14 people were shot dead in a pub in Soweto, South Africa, on Sunday night.

Shortly after midnight, the perpetrators entered the bar in a slum area and opened fire, said Elias Mawela, head of the Gauteng provincial police at a press conference. They shot indiscriminately, so far nothing can be said about the motives. Three of the ten injured are in critical condition.

The victims are said to be between 19 and 35 years old. As of Sunday morning, investigators were still at the scene with their investigations.

At the end of June, tragedy struck a pub in East London, South Africa, when 21 young people died from poisoning.