The Social Democrats want to decide shortly whether to exclude Gerhard Schröder. Now the former chancellor is commenting on the procedure for the first time – and refers to his basic political stance.

According to his own statement, former chancellor Gerhard Schröder looks calmly at the internal SPD proceedings regarding the motions to expel him from the party. “I look at the party order process with composure. I am and will remain a social democrat,” he told the “Spiegel”.

According to the report, Schröder emphasized that the outcome of the proceedings would have no consequences for his basic political convictions. “In my political life I have never voted for anything other than the SPD. That will also be the case in the future, even if one or the other from the SPD leadership is making it a bit difficult for me at the moment. » He underlined: “My basic political position will not change.”

Schröder under increasing pressure because of the Ukraine war

Schröder has been criticized for years for his commitment to Russian state-owned companies. After the Russian attack on Ukraine, the pressure on him had increased. Several motions to expel the party were made. The oral hearing is scheduled for June 22 in Hanover. The arbitration commission of the SPD sub-district Hannover region is responsible for the party organization procedure because Schröder is a member of the associated SPD local association Oststadt-Zoo.

It is unclear whether Schröder himself will appear at the hearing. “Der Spiegel” reported last week that the former Chancellor would stay away from the appointment and would not be legally represented.

Schröder finally announced in May that he was leaving the board of directors of the Russian energy giant Rosneft and turned down a nomination for a board position at Gazprom. He has been close friends with Russian President Vladimir Putin since his time as chancellor (1998 to 2005).