There are jobs that are known to pay very well. Even numerous doctors, lawyers and top managers can only dream of the maximum salary that Netflix has now advertised for a position as a flight attendant. However, the generous offer has its reasons.

Always on the move around the world, seeing numerous exotic destinations and meeting new people: Life as a flight attendant is particularly attractive to many younger people. Anyone who applies to Netflix for a job advertised there can also hope for another advantage: the streaming giant is willing to pay the job extremely generously.

This emerges from a job advertisement that is currently being advertised on the company’s company website. Netflix is ​​therefore looking for a chief flight attendant for the “Dream Crew” of its private corporate jets. In addition to the well-being and safety of passengers on board, the person will also be responsible for stocking up aircraft storage space, preparing the jet for deployment and providing safety briefings. The aircraft are primarily super-midsize jets, but the smaller Gulfstream G550 is also mentioned as a possible location.

Challenging task

The company’s standards are high. Applicants are not only expected to show “discretion”, but also to always represent the culture of the company. This included “a large degree of freedom and personal responsibility, independence and a high level of self-motivation”. According to the job advertisement, it is part of the company philosophy to achieve the desired results with just a few instructions and a high level of self-motivation. You should also be able to make your own decisions quickly and still be able to offer “outstanding customer service”.

Despite the emphasis on personal responsibility, however, great flexibility is required. The flight attendants expect regularly changing work schedules at all imaginable times of the day and night. And that also on weekends and public holidays. In addition, you have to be ready at all times for an assignment somewhere in the world. Netflix names the company headquarters in San José in California as the main location, but the company also operates 30 other locations, for example in Madrid, Seoul or London. A quick return is also not always to be expected. The shifts could also include “frequently longer travel periods”.

Large salary range

However, the job itself is more varied than with classic airlines – which is not necessarily an advantage for everyone. Of course, the usual tasks such as preparing the aircraft for the trip, catering for the guests and the safety briefing are also part of the work. However, the job advertisement emphasizes that shifts on the ground also include more physical work such as filling the storage room and loading the luggage. In fact, there is a very specific requirement “to be able to lift and carry up to 15 kilograms” if the luggage requires it.

However, the most interesting point of the job posting is the salary. Netflix names an extremely large range: they are willing to pay between 60,000 and 385,000 dollars (55,000 to 356,000 euros). The actual salary depends on factors such as professional background, personal skills and work experience. The place of residence and the number of working hours are also taken into account.

Incidentally, Netflix is ​​extremely flexible when it comes to gender, in accordance with American discrimination regulations: The application offers nine different possible answers, regardless of the sexual orientation that is also asked about. However, both details are voluntary, as is information about ethnicity or possible disabilities.