Polo shirts are a must-have this summer! The sporty T-shirts are now particularly stylish with their cute collars.

Those who don’t care much about fashion usually associate it with sports such as tennis or golf. Polo shirts have meanwhile mutated into loyal everyday companions. The T-shirts with chic collars have found their way into many wardrobes and fashion boutiques in recent weeks. No wonder: Thanks to their different cuts, colors and materials, they go with almost every style.

Plain with long sleeves

For example, you can’t go wrong with a single-colored polo shirt, e.g. in beige or white and made of knitwear. On Instagram, model Elsa Hosk (33) wears matching shorts, a headscarf with floral patterns, stylish sunglasses and a summery boho handbag with her beige long-sleeved polo shirt.

Sexy and tone on tone

The look of Lena Gercke (34) is much more colorful. She donned a tone-on-tone outfit all in dark blue for an Instagram photo. The ensemble includes casual shorts, a cropped polo shirt with buttons and a bucket hat.

Sporty with stripes

And the fashion trend has not passed Stefanie Giesinger (25) either. Her combination of a yellow sequined skirt, silver mules with shoelaces and a blue, yellow and red striped polo shirt may be a bit extravagant for one or the other. But the look is definitely suitable for the office.