It’s finally official: “Squid Game” is getting a second season. It is already clear which characters will return.

It’s finally official: Netflix has given the green light to the second season of “Squid Game”. The streaming service announced the news on Twitter on Sunday. Netflix’ co-boss Ted Sarandos (57) unofficially promised new episodes of the Korean series hit in January of this year.

Red Light – Green Light. With a play on words that refers to a murderous challenge in “Squid Game”, Netflix announced that it would order new episodes. In the children’s game of the same name, an oversized doll shoots the candidates who don’t freeze in time. The character became a hallmark of the highest-grossing Netflix series of all time. So she also appears in the little teaser.

“Squid Game” Season 2: These characters return

Along with the teaser, Netflix tweeted a message from series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk (51). In it he promises the expected return of protagonist Gi-Hun, played by Lee Jung-jae (49). Also, the mysterious frontman who organized the deadly games in the first season returns.

A reunion with the man who lures people in debt to the “Squid Game” is also possible. And: We get to know Cheol-su. He is the friend of Young-hee – the murderous doll.

Netflix has not announced when season two of “Squid Game” will start. According to Hwang Dong-hyuk’s earlier statements, it could be 2023 or even 2024.