State support in Moscow got 36 thousand entrepreneurs

By the middle of June 36 thousand entrepreneurs in Moscow has received the assistance of the city government, Deputy mayor for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov.

help to get the company of the most affected industries, which employ about 770 thousand people. It’s 3.5 thousand commercial enterprises, 220 hotels and resorts associations 560 sports facilities, culture, entertainment, 250 foodservice organizations. Help received 340 educational and consumer organizations and 3,200 small and medium-sized businesses.

By the middle of June business activity in Moscow, the largest regional economy in Russia, returned to pre-crisis levels.

During the pandemic coronavirus Moscow authorities have approved the package of support measures of the Metropolitan economy with a few tens of bailout totaling more than 85 billion rubles. This deferment of payment of rent, tax breaks, subsidies and preferential loans.

“For the four support packages more than five thousand organizations have received deferred taxes on 3.3 billion rubles, a 26 thousand companies — deferment of payment of the trading fee to one billion rubles. This is a grace period for the first quarter, which can be made up to the end of the year,” explained Efimov.

Suspended the payments for the lease of urban real estate of 1.3 billion to 1.4 thousand entrepreneurs. More 3,5 thousands of companies have received deferred rental payments and payments for redemption of city property by 14.6 billion rubles.

Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses receive support for 13 types of subsidies and grants for reimbursement on exports of goods, services, and research, promotion of products, participation in exhibitions, training of personnel. In 2020 3.5 months approved more than 250 applications from small and medium businesses for grants and grants in excess of 425 million rubles. The greatest demand is markedn subsidies and grants capital exporters. They will receive 90 companies on 200 million roubles. About 1.5 thousand applications for 2.7 million rubles pending.

In the capital works and the city program of preferential crediting of business. Entrepreneurs have received preferential loans by 7 billion rubles. Another 15.5 billion approved.