More than 10,000 stains were dabbed onto laundry items for the new product test. The test results show that liquid detergents are only second choice. Persil Megaperls won, but also because a competitor did not take part in the test.

There are four large groups of detergents: detergents for whites, for dark and delicate fabrics and finally for coloreds. Stiftung Warentest took a close look at colored detergents this time. It is the most common detergent. Color is often taken for any type of laundry. Pure white laundry is no longer as common today as it used to be, when bed linen, towels, blouses and shirts were generally white.

Color detergents are the most common detergents

Colored textiles absolutely need a color detergent – at least if they are not made entirely of synthetic fibers. Heavy-duty detergent lightens the laundry and leads to color fading. Colorants, on the other hand, are intended to refresh the colors. The task of the agent is to protect the colors and of course to clean the laundry.

The test included 20 products, seven of which were powders and 13 liquids. Four of the liquid ones were labeled sensitive, intended for people with allergies or sensitive skin. You can read the whole test here for a fee.

Powders use other active ingredients

As you might expect, powders fare better. This is because some components of detergents cannot be dissolved in liquids. Out of seven powders, six achieved a good grade. Due to possible contamination of the batch, the popular Aldi products are not included in the test.

Far ahead are Persil Megaperls, but the test winner costs a whopping 28 cents per wash. Rossmann’s Domol powder comes close to the performance of Persil and only costs 16 cents per wash. Of the liquid detergents, only every second product is good, and one product is even defective. But there is a problem here: the suppliers are currently changing all the recipes and sorting out harmful substances. To a certain extent, the test was overwhelmed by the change. There is only one good product on the market that has been tested: DM Denkmit for 18 cents a wash.

There was a disappointment among the sensitives. The product testers found that the four sensitive products did not irritate the skin, but neither did the other color detergents. There is therefore no discernible advantage. The problem: “In terms of dirt and stain removal, none of the sensitive could convince.” In addition, they led to the laundry turning grey. The Magic Leaves, which were tested outside of the competition, were not convincing either.

How warm does the lye really get?

Detergent tests are always complex. Negative effects on the color and structure of the textiles cannot be measured with just one or two wash cycles, and not all stains are the same. From sweat to blood, the testers dabbed more than 10,000 stains onto the fabric. After all, 43 stain types per agent.

Powders generally clean better here. For stubborn stains, “40 degree program plus color detergent” is not the right combination, a heavy-duty detergent removes stains better. But if you use it permanently, it will fade the colors.

Enzymes feed on fiber

Choosing the right temperature is a question wrestled with religious fervor. In order to comply with the strict consumption values, the manufacturers extend the washing duration of the programs and reduce the temperature. Even if it says 40 degrees, the water is by no means heated to 40 degrees. Germs can then survive. The product testers therefore recommend washing at least once a month at a real 60 degrees.

And another tip that not everyone knows: silk and wool should always be cleaned with special detergents. In order to be able to wash well at low temperatures and with little chemicals, more and more enzyme-based cleaners are being added to the detergents. They crack open the dirt molecules. Unfortunately, they also attack the organic building materials of wool and silk and dissolve the fibers over time.

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