In some parts of Brazil, more than 200 liters of rain per square meter fell within 24 hours. This always leads to landslides. The number of dead is now in the three-digit range.

The death toll in landslides following heavy rains in northeastern Brazil has risen to at least 100. In addition, 16 people were missing in the state of Pernambuco, as the civil defense announced on Twitter.

According to this, around 6,200 people are now looking for protection in reception centers, and 24 communities in Pernambuco are in a state of emergency. The deaths have been recorded since the storm began last Wednesday.

The fire brigade and other emergency services are still looking for missing people who, according to the Brazilian news portal “G1”, were buried by mudslides or were swept away by floods. According to the government of the state of Pernambuco, more than 200 liters of rain per square meter had fallen in the greater Recife area within 24 hours.

In Brazil, there have been numerous deaths from landslides and floods in various states in recent months. At the end of February, more than 200 people died in Petrópolis in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro.