From July, two new characters will play in the series “Storm of Love”. Who they are – in front of and behind the camera.

There are two new characters in the series “Storm of Love” from July: In episode 3862, Helene Richter, played by Sabine Werner, comes to Bichlheim to be closer to her sons Max (Stefan Hartmann) and Gerry (Johannes Huth). However, some of them have changed quite a bit.

Actress Werner, known from series like “Deutschland 83” or “Soko Leipzig”, says about her role: “On the one hand, Helene is a mother with all her soul and she finds it difficult to let go of her sons. On the other hand, she wants to find out what’s in for herself anything is still possible at this stage of life.” Working in a daily series is also something new for Werner. She was impressed by the discipline and spontaneity of her colleagues, she said in the press release. Her first episode is expected to air on July 6th.

Bruchhäuser plays a charming businessman

Only two days later there is a new addition to the series: Leon Thormann, played by Carl Bruchhäuser, will play the charming Leon from episode 3864, who wants to make chocolate in Bichlheim. However, his competitor Josie (Lena Conzendorf) quickly fascinates the businessman.

You might already know the actor behind it from television productions such as “The Public Prosecutor” or the “Tatort” from Münster, “Propheteus”. Bruchhäuser is enthusiastic about his new commitment: “I fall in love here every day: in my counterpart, my role and above all in my job; with all the turbulence that goes with it.”

“Storm of Love” runs Monday to Friday at 3:10 p.m. on the first.