Cassidy Hutchinson was in the White House when the US Capitol was stormed on January 6, 2021. Today it is a burden on Donald Trump and his team. Some participants, however, contradict their statements.

According to the assistant to Donald Trump’s chiefs of staff, Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony to the committee of inquiry into the storming of the Capitol was not only clear to the US President about what was happening at the Congress building, but also that he was spearheading the insurgency wanted to. During the riots on January 6, five people died. Hutchinson also mentioned some details from that day that it is unclear whether they actually happened – although she had given them under oath.

Has Donald Trump grabbed the steering wheel?

Her statement, according to which an “angry” Donald Trump “grabbed the steering wheel” while driving in the presidential limousine and shouted: “I’m the damn president, drive me to the Capitol,” met with the greatest opposition. The day’s Secret Service bodyguard, Robert Engel, reportedly replied that he, Trump, could not join the thousands of protesters marching toward the Capitol.

The assistant chief of staff pointed out that she did not witness the scene herself, instead describing it to Anthony Ornato, a senior Secret Service official. Engel was present and would not have contradicted. But shortly after Hutchinson’s statements, the Secret Service contacted various media and contradicted the representation. Both the driver and Robert Engel are also willing to swear an oath. CNN reports that Ornato even denies telling Hutchinson the story. Trump himself called them “sick, deceitful and ridiculous” on his social network “Truth Social”.

Who wrote the note?

Another statement that was presented differently by one of those involved relates to notes on a possible statement by Trump. When the protests at the Capitol escalated, it was apparently considered what words the president could use to call back his supporters. A note presented to the committee read: “Anyone who has entered the Capitol illegally without proper authorization is asked to exit immediately.” The word “illegal” was apparently crossed out later.

Hutchinson testified that the handwriting was hers and that Chief of Staff Mark Meadows dictated the words to her. White House Counsel Eric Herschmann, on the other hand, said he wrote the note and also asked them to replace the word “illegal” with “without proper authorization.”

Cassidy Hutchinson also has another incident, some of it only second-hand. She told the committee that one day she helped sweep ketchup off the wall of the White House dining room. According to her statement, Donald Trump is said to have peppered a plate of food across the room on December 1, 2020. At least that’s what Trump’s valet told her in the White House. The occasion was an interview given by then-Attorney General William Barr, which angered the President. “Ketchup was dripping down the wall and there was a broken china plate on the floor. So I grabbed a towel and started wiping the ketchup off the wall to help the valet,” Hutchinson told the committee.

The ex-president wrote: “Your story about me throwing food is also false. Why would she even help clean up when I hardly knew her?”

Legal counsel must also testify

According to Mark Meadows’ assistant, White House Counsel Pat Cipollone played a key role. According to Hutchinson, he has repeatedly warned of legal consequences should Donald Trump take part in the protests. If the statements are correct, then the leadership of the White House knew pretty well what is at stake. The committee of inquiry has therefore summoned Cipollone as a witness. The date is July 6th, so far the lawyer had only taken part in an “informal survey”.

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