The creators of “Stranger Things” are currently planning a spin-off of the Netflix hit. But the Duffer brothers only finish the original series.

A spin-off of the Netflix hit series “Stranger Things” is currently in the planning stage. This is reported by the industry magazine “Variety”. Creators and showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer are said to have confirmed the spin-off. The series will therefore be “1000% different” than the original.

Matt and Ross Duffer are apparently benefiting from the great success of the current fourth season. According to media reports, they have founded a new production company called “Upside Down Pictures” and want to implement several new projects with it, including the “Stranger Things” spin-off and, among other things, a play from the world of the series.

However, fans will have to be patient. The brothers would “probably” wait until the fifth and final season of Stranger Things wraps up. This is supposed to be done next year. “There are many more exciting stories to tell in the world of ‘Stranger Things’, new mysteries, new adventures, new unexpected heroes,” they said in February.

Spin-off is a long time coming

The two have not yet started work on the spin-off, it is said, because they didn’t want to do it for the wrong reasons. They reportedly asked themselves, “Is this something I want to do, whether it’s ‘Stranger Things’ related or not?” They answered the question with “definitely”.