A week before the fourth season of “Stranger Things” goes online, Netflix released the first eight minutes.

A week before the start of Stranger Things season 4, Netflix shared a clip of the first episode with fans of the series. A YouTube video titled “The First 8 Minutes” shows just that: the first eight minutes of the new season.

The fourth season takes place half a year after the Battle of Starcourt. The young friends are separated for the first time, have to deal with the consequences of the previous events and also have to deal with life at high school. And soon a new, supernatural danger looms.

The new season comes in two parts

It was already known that the new season will be split. Netflix has now made public how exactly the upcoming episodes will be divided. On May 27, seven of the total of nine episodes will initially go online with the streaming service. The two final episodes of the season will follow on July 1 as “Volume 2”.

“Stranger Things” creators Matt and Ross Duffer said in February that the season would be split into two parts due to the length of the episodes. The new episodes together are almost twice as long as the previous seasons.

Although there are only nine episodes, they will have a total length of around 13 hours, as is now known. The last two episodes alone should be almost four hours long. The seventh episode is 98 minutes long. Episode eight is scheduled to last around 85 minutes and the season finale will be almost two and a half hours.