Season four of “Stranger Things” has reached a milestone: the episodes have been streamed for more than a billion hours so far.

The success story of “Stranger Things” continues. As the US industry magazine “Deadline” reports, the fourth season of the mystery series has now cracked a special mark. The final episodes, which released on July 1, brought season four’s total viewing hours to 1.15 billion. The first part of the season premiered on May 27th.

Most successful English-language Netflix series

So far, only “Squid Game” has been able to bring in more than a billion streaming hours on Netflix. The South Korean production, which premiered in September 2021, still holds the current overall record with around 1.65 billion viewing hours within the first 28 days. The second season of “Bridgerton” (627 million) was in second place for a long time (627 million), followed by the first (625 million).

Netflix then stated that viewers tuned in to “Stranger Things” for more than 930 million hours of viewing in the first 28 days, which the new episodes have now been able to increase. Stranger Things season four is the most popular English-language Netflix series of all time and the second most popular overall, according to Variety.

The new success was already apparent. The release of the final episodes of the fourth season on July 1 caused such a high rush that users were temporarily unable to use Netflix. As “Bloomberg” writes, more than 14,000 consumers reported outages around midnight (Pacific Time) on the “Downdetector” website.