The week Emmanuel Macron is a busy one. The head of State was found Sunday night in Strasbourg, his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier said ahead of a tour of presidential unheard of throughout the east and the north of France to celebrate the centenary of the end of the First world War. It is in the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Strasbourg was given to the kick-off of “the roaming memory” that will lead the president in 11 districts in a week, on the battlefields of the Great War and the meeting of France-the device has been hit by the crisis.

Emmanuel Macron, accompanied by his wife Brigitte, was present with Mr. Steinmeier in a concert of works by Debussy and Beethoven in order to “celebrate the franco-German reconciliation” a century after the end of the war 14-18. It will continue Monday morning in Lorraine his journey unseen, which ends Sunday, November 11, under the Arc de triomphe, where he will revive the flame of the unknown soldier in the presence of a hundred foreign leaders.

throughout the week, it will honor the figure of the hairy French, because ” in our societies, we need to assimilate people doing extraordinary things “, he explained in an interview with Sunday newspapers in the group Ebra. “It was wrong to think that, in the modernity of contemporary democracies, there were more heroes. Result, the young people are going to look for role models in figures of the sport or of varieties, which is very good. Either they will look for heroes among other fighters, and this can have tragic consequences, ” according to him. Some eight million French fought from 1914 to 1918, for 1.4 million dead, and the last of them, Lazare Ponticelli, died 10 years ago.


” roaming ” will be at the same time a strong political connotation and social at a time when the president is down in the polls and that the grumbling of the French, goes to the question of purchasing power. “It is better that anger is expressed, rather that it keeps. I hear the impatience, but you have to explain. It doesn’t mean do nothing, it doesn’t mean give up either, ‘” he explains in the interview to be published Monday, defending the logic of the government policy.

It is necessary that Emmanuel Macron ” exchange really with our fellow citizens, without them the lesson “, he was advised Sunday in the JDD Xavier Bertrand, the president ex-LR), Hauts-de-France, which will host at the end of the week. Accused by the opposition to be the chair exclusive of the rich and cities, Mr. Macron will spend a week away from Paris and away from the big cities, with the exception of Strasbourg. The head of State will visit factories, including the Renault in Maubeuge (in the North), not far from the steel mill Ascoval, under threat of closure. It will be in a long-term care facilities to discuss health services in rural areas and devote a morning to Lens the plan to combat poverty. At each step, he will meet with local elected officials with which the executive tries to reconnect after months of tension.

“A future” for Ascoval

In an interview with Sunday Mail picard, the Voice of The North and The Union, Emmanuel Macron says he believes in “a future” for the plant Ascoval of Saint-Saulve (Nord), in legal redress, even if nothing is ” acquired.” “I’m the first to say when an industrial site has no future. I’ve done it another time for Whirlpool to Amiens. And it has found a recovery solution and another option for development. Here, I think there may be a future for the site Ascoval, ” said the president of the Republic. The solution does, in his eyes, by the project of revival of the franco-belgian group Altifort ? “I will not, here, the preempt. But a process is underway and I believe that nobody doubts the full involvement of the government, ” he adds. “And I want that the inhabitants of Valenciennes, and particularly of Saint-Saulve, know this : I sleep especially. Things will be done, simply because those who work there deserve it “, stressed the head of State.

The 281 employees of Ascoval have gained hope last week. The project of recovery of the plant by Altifort has been judged to be “strong” and “credible” by Bercy, and a cabinet of independent experts, even if the “fragilities” remain, according to the government, which wants to set this folder by ” early December “. Lamenting the passage of ” collective irresponsibility “, which according to him is to “be always on the side of those who cry, and never try to explain” the reasons of economic difficulties, Emmanuel Macron explained that, with respect to Ascoval, ” there is a real job to do to enhance [the] opportunities, find partners and funding,”. “I do say, therefore, that it is acquired, but the situation is now much more consolidated than it was a few weeks. I have asked the government to do everything to find a solution on this site “, he adds.

Ensure ” that nationalism does not to his bed ! “

Emmanuel Macron will on the must-see sites of the war : Verdun (Meuse), ” the mother of all battles “, the Chemin des dames (Aisne), or the necropolis national de Notre-Dame-de-Lorette (Pas-de-Calais). He will also step into places that have ” never been visited by a French president “. As one of the terrible battle of Morhange (Moselle), where Mr. Macron goes on Monday. Or one of the Éparges (Meuse), where the president will gather Tuesday in front of the statue of Maurice Genevoix, for which the Elysée is said to have committed a “reflection” regarding a possible future ” panthéonisation “.

The absence, slandered by some, military parade is perfectly assumed by the Government which has preferred to focus on the peace and the franco-German reconciliation. “The legacy of 14-18, this is the time victory, it is not to have disposed of and it is also one of peace. What it has not managed to do completely after 14-18 is that it has not succeeded in building peace “, he says in the interview, the daily regional. And he sees, just months before the european elections in may 2019, as ” a message that is very contemporary, the need not to humiliate the defeated, not to fall back into the fractures of History, and to ensure that nationalism does not make his bed ! “

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