World Health Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: WHEN), also known as WHEN Group, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Intent HQ Limited, a rapidly growing AI company based in Europe. The goal of this collaboration is to combine their technologies to create cutting-edge mobile cybersecurity AI solutions. These new products aim to address the increasing demand for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for businesses and individuals, particularly focusing on protecting children and teenagers from online and offline threats like cyberbullying, online predators, and financial scams.

WHEN Group, founded by Israeli engineers and cybersecurity experts with experience in both government and private sectors, specializes in developing advanced solutions for privacy, fin-tech security, and threat detection using behavior pattern recognition and AI technology. Through this partnership, WHEN has acquired a perpetual license to integrate Intent HQ’s Edge AI technology into its products and services, including CrossMobile, a telecom company operating in Poland. The collaboration will continue to enhance WHEN’s offerings in next-generation cybersecurity AI.

Mr. Giora Rozensweig, CEO of WHEN Group, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, highlighting the powerful capabilities of Intent HQ’s Edge AI technology to complement WHEN’s existing products. Together, the two companies aim to provide unique solutions that meet the evolving cybersecurity needs of the market, especially in addressing issues like online harassment affecting children and teenagers.

Intent HQ’s CEO, Mr. Jonathan Lakin, emphasized the value of their Edge AI technology in empowering users through mobile devices without compromising their privacy. With a focus on personalized services and user anonymity, Intent HQ’s technology operates entirely on the user’s phone, delivering relevant services when needed. This approach ensures data privacy and security, making it an ideal fit for WHEN’s cybersecurity solutions.

As part of the partnership, WHEN will integrate Intent HQ’s Edge AI technology into its current products and collaborate on developing new innovative solutions for the market. Both companies will jointly promote and sell these new products, aiming to address the cybersecurity challenges faced by businesses and individuals in today’s digital landscape.

The collaboration details and further information can be found in the Form 8-K filed by WHEN on July 8, 2024. WHEN Group, through its subsidiaries SG 77, Inc./RNA Ltd and CrossMobile Sp z o.o., focuses on developing cybersecurity solutions for both consumer and business markets. Intent HQ, recognized for its AI innovations in customer data analytics, prioritizes customer privacy and personalized marketing strategies in its offerings.

This strategic alliance between WHEN Group and Intent HQ marks a significant step towards advancing cybersecurity AI solutions for businesses and individuals, leveraging the strengths of both companies to address emerging threats in the digital world. The partnership signifies a commitment to innovation, privacy, and security in an increasingly interconnected and data-driven society.