Streaming: Comedy series «King of Stonks» wins TV Prize


    The jury saw a “wonderfully dark satire about narcissism and double standards”: “King of Stonks” received the Bernd Burgemeister TV Prize in Munich.

    The Netflix comedy series “King of Stonks” starring Matthias Brandt has won the renowned Bernd Burgemeister Television Award. The award honors producers for outstanding work, in this case Philipp Käßbohrer, Matthias Murmann, Jan Bonny and Judith Fulness.

    The series was praised by the jury as a “wonderfully dark satire about narcissism and double standards in the financial sector”, as the VFF collecting society of film and television producers announced. “When reality takes itself ad absurdum, when as a viewer you don’t know whether you should still laugh or already cry – or when, like in this series, reality is knocked out of your ears (…), then you had a fantastic evening of television. “King of Stonks” dares what we’ve been waiting for outside of comedy and satirical shows.” The award was presented in Munich on Sunday evening. The award, which is endowed with 25,000 euros, went to a particularly successful series for the first time this year.

    The ZDF thriller “So Laut du kann” also received an award in the traditional category for the best TV film. The work, produced by Heike Wiehle-Timm, is “a rousing psychodrama about abuse and power, law and justice”.

    According to the announcement, Edgar Selge said to “As loud as you can” about the jury’s choice: “We live in a society that demands clarity, especially in moral terms. That’s why working out conflicting interests in life and searching for nuances in this film is so valuable. It is almost redeeming that the makers of this film leave no doubt about their own attitude towards the battle of the sexes. It only remains to mention that the male main actors in this film are equal to their strong partners in their differentiation.»