After two years of the pandemic, many employees are being summoned back to the office. The desire for more flexibility is great. However, many employers are critical of «workation».

According to a study, a third of office workers in Germany have to work entirely from the office.

And this despite the fact that the majority of executives are willing to grant employees more flexibility, as a study published on Monday by the opinion research institute YouGov on behalf of the technology company Slack shows. 77 percent of the executives surveyed stated that they would let their employees work from anywhere as long as they performed their usual services. According to the information, one in three managers who refuse to work from anywhere does so because they are concerned about having too little control over their employees.

According to the study, there is a great desire for more flexibility in the workplace on the part of employees. Almost half of all office workers surveyed said they would like to work from a vacation spot for some time. 13 percent have used this opportunity so far. Many drew a positive balance: 68 percent of those surveyed who had already worked from a holiday location would do so again. According to the information, only 15 percent have permission to do so.

According to the study, in the past two years, despite the desire for more freedom, only a few office workers took advantage of the opportunity for local flexibility. 73 percent of those surveyed said they had not worked outside of the office or home. Only 13 percent moved their home office to friends or family. 7 percent worked from a holiday location. For executives, it was 14 percent.