For many, the Aperol Spritz is part of summer. There are great alternatives – with gin, vermouth or cool new spirits.

Summer is here – finally. And for many people there is nothing nicer than sitting at a table with your partner or friends on warm afternoons and evenings, chatting and enjoying a drink. The Aperol Spritz is traditionally very popular, with its combination of sweetness, tart taste and fizz that goes well with summer. But drinking the same drink every year is kind of boring, isn’t it? Therefore we present six alternatives for the classic.

Midi Spritz: For the experimental

With its bright red color, the midi gets you in the mood for summer. And in terms of taste, it’s in a completely different league than Aperol: the Belgian aperitif is based on a French Rosé Syrah wine from the Languedoc region and was enriched with various botanicals using gentle vacuum distillation. Botanicals, just like gin. And this is where it gets unconventional: Lemon herb, artichoke, cassis, bergamot and fennel set the tone here, among other things. With its mild 21 percent by volume, it tastes excellent as a spritz. Simply mix the spirit with sparkling wine and mineral water and serve the drink with a slice of orange.

Peachtree Fizz: For the figure-conscious

The peach liqueur Peachtree is a classic in many bars. The ingredient can not only be used for exotic tiki drinks, but also as a spritz or fizz. For this you take

Tasty and with less than 100 calories per glass, you can treat yourself to a second glass if in doubt.

Solstice Spritz: For gin fans

Even after almost a decade, the gin hype is unbroken. A limited, summery bottling is the Hendrick’s Solstice with particularly floral notes. For the Solstice Spritz you will need:

Mix all ingredients in a wine glass filled with ice cubes. Stir gently. Stir in the orange and cucumber slices and serve.

Metaxa Spritz: For hobby bartenders

Most people probably know Metaxa as a nightcap from the Greeks after conquering the Hercules slab. You can also use the brandy to prepare an unusual spritz. For this you need the following ingredients:

Preparation: Fill the wine glass with ice cubes. Pour the Metaxa, vermouth and lemon juice into the glass and stir briefly. Fill with Schweppes Russian Wild Berry and garnish with basil.

Vermouth Tonic: For the trend-conscious

Vermouth has been booming for many years – and rightly so. The alcohol content is manageable compared to gin and the range of tastes is huge. 50 ml vermouth filled with the new Thomas Henry Botanical Tonic result in a refreshing, bitter-sweet summer drink. Here the herbs of the wormwood meet the aromas of sloe, elderberry and pine needles of the tonic. Delicious!

Hibiskus Spritz (alcohol-free): For those driving home

Anyone who is not allowed or does not want to drink alcohol and still wants a delicious spritz will find an exciting alternative to Aperol in Dr. Jaglas Herber Hibiscus. The alcohol-free aperitif inspires with a great red color and fine aromas of bitter orange, rosemary and elderberries. As a spritz, we recommend a ratio of one part tart hibiscus to three parts tonic water, plus the juice of half a lime and ice cubes. If you like, you can decorate the drink with fresh seasonal berries.

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