The right sun protection is essential – also on the head. These tips protect and care for the sensitive scalp and hair structure.

Many of us take it for granted that we protect our bodies adequately with sunscreen before sunbathing. What is often forgotten is the sensitive scalp. Our hair does not always offer sufficient protection. And our mane is often at the mercy of the sun’s rays on vacation. Here are the best tips for the right hair care and hairstyle for your sunbath.

The best protection for the scalp

Textile sun protection is particularly effective. An opaque cloth, a sun hat or a cap protect both our sensitive scalp and our outer hair from UV radiation. If you don’t want to wear a hat, you can use a transparent sun protection spray for the skin instead. These products are usually absorbed quickly and are not as greasy as normal sunscreen. You should also make sure not to wear your hair with a middle or side parting, so that no bare scalp is exposed. This minimizes the risk of sunburn on the head.

The best protection for the hair

Not only the scalp wants to be adequately protected and cared for, our hair also wants special treatment when exposed to the sun, sea and wind. There are now shampoos and conditioners with integrated UV protection that can be used as a preventive measure in summer. In addition, you can treat the hair after sunbathing with after-sun shampoo and after-sun care products. You should pay particular attention to the top coat and the tips.

Strong sunlight weakens our hair structure. There are therefore hair care sprays for the sun that provide the hair with an extra portion of moisture – bleached hair in particular should be protected and cared for particularly thoroughly. Shortly before the holiday you should also generally avoid coloring your hair. A coloring process puts a strain on our hair and they are even more sensitive when we expose them to unfamiliar circumstances such as strong sun, seawater and wind.

Additional hair tips

After a swim in the sea, it is best to always rinse your hair thoroughly with fresh water.

For the hairstyle, it is best to use a hair tie that is not made of rubber but made of fabric, such as a scrunchie. Alternatively, you can use an elastic spiral hair tie. This prevents damage such as hair breakage and knots in the hair.

The best hairstyle for a long visit to the beach and staying in the sun and in the sea is a braided hairstyle. This offers the least attack surface from external influences.