After Elton John was recently spotted in a wheelchair, rumors have swirled about the musician’s health. Now he has put an end to all speculation.

Most recently, concern for British superstar Elton John was great. After all, the 75-year-old was recently seen at Leipzig Airport in a vehicle that was rather unusual for him – a wheelchair. But if the artist has his way, the fuss about his health is unfounded. In an Instagram post, he gives the all-clear and assures that he is “in the best of health”.

Elton John emphasizes that he loves his shows, playing and singing and gives 100 percent every night. He “doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, especially after everyone has waited so long to be able to watch shows again.” After one of these shows, a “rousing 2.5-hour show”, as he writes, they arrived at Leipzig Airport shortly before curfew to find that part of the airport was closed. It was an extremely long walk to the plane and my team kindly provided me with a wheelchair so I could rest my hip after the show. That’s all, folks,” he explained of the performance.

The reactions to the shows are “phenomenal” and he “loves every minute of it”. He is already looking forward to the concert in Milan at the weekend. The Brit ends the post with a thank you “for your kind words of support”.

Elton John says goodbye

Elton John is currently on a big farewell tour. This began in September 2018, but had to be interrupted for almost two years due to the corona pandemic and a hip injury to the singer. In mid-January, he finally continued the “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour. This also took him to Frankfurt and Leipzig in May. In spring 2023 he will also come to Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Mannheim and Cologne. A total of 95 concerts are scheduled over two years.

After his last tour, Elton John wants to spend more time with his family. They include his husband David Furnish, 59, and their sons Zachary, 11, and Elijah, 9. “I have to be with them,” said the music legend in an interview with the show “Today”. “I’ll be 76 when the tour is over. I don’t know how much time I have left on Earth after that.” Every day is “a bonus”.