They are funny, they can do magic – and they come from Berlin. Siegfried and Joy have previously performed on German cabaret stages. Now, however, they’ve made a grand entrance in the United States.

They call themselves “the king tigers of the magic industry” with a lot of self-mockery: “Siegfried and Joy” are young, funny – and two talented magicians. Their stage names are of course boldly based on the great role models Siegfried and Roy, who performed magic shows with white tigers in Las Vegas for decades and delighted an audience of millions. In reality, the two are called Nico and Joscha and they come from Berlin, but in their flashy, glamorous glitter outfits on stage, they come quite close to their idols – albeit with a strong wink.

The two rely on magic with a hearty pinch of comedy and have already caused enthusiasm on many cabaret stages and in variety shows and theaters throughout the country. For many, magic was a field that sounded outdated and uninteresting – until they saw the duo live with their refreshingly new approach to the genre. That the two Berliners would have a career – that was foreseeable. However, the fact that they make it onto the big stage in America was probably an unexpected step even for “Siegfried and Joy”.

Magicians from Berlin conquer the USA

But it actually happened: On Wednesday, the current episode of the American show “America’s Got Talent” was broadcast – practically “The Super Talent” of the USA. Except that there are many more talented candidates vying for an appearance in front of the cameras. That two young Germans of all people were able to convince the production is impressive. Maybe it calmed the nerves of the two magicians a little bit that there was a compatriot on the jury: Heidi Klum!

In addition to Heidi, the music producer Simon Cowell, known for being strict and choleric, also judged the performance, and even he fell for the clever tricks of the duo. Although he called the performance “a bit stupid”, a bit silly, the two magicians made it one step further and were cheered loudly by the audience. The YouTube video of her appearance on the US show has now been viewed almost a million times. If that doesn’t actually lead to the big break in Las Vegas that the two have only joked about so far!

If you want to see the duo live: In September and October they will be on stage in Hamburg!