What’s next for inflation? Will prices continue to rise or will they fall again soon? The opinion research institute Forsa asked around.

According to a survey, most people in Germany are dissatisfied with the federal government’s measures to combat inflation and expect prices to continue to rise.

38 percent of Germans currently expect that consumer prices will remain high. 56 percent assume that they will continue to rise, according to the survey by the opinion research institute Forsa for the RTL/ntv “Trendbarometer”. Only 6 percent of those surveyed expect prices to fall again soon.

At 66 percent, people in eastern Germany are slightly more concerned about rising prices than in western Germany (55 percent). It is also somewhat more pronounced among citizens with lower incomes than among those on higher incomes.

With a view to combating high inflation, 65 percent of those surveyed believe that the federal government must do more. 26 percent think the measures are sufficient.