Suspicion of live ammunition: filming with Halle Berry suspended for the time being


    Commotion on the film set of an action thriller with Halle Berry: The shooting had to be interrupted after a suspicious find.

    Actors Halle Berry (55) and Mark Wahlberg (50) are currently filming the action thriller “Our Man From Jersey” in London. Filming has now had to be interrupted, as reported by the British tabloid “The Mirror”. The reason was the suspicion of live ammunition on the set.

    Employees discovered a suspicious object during filming in the English capital and immediately notified the police, it is said. An anonymous source is quoted as saying: “It was very alarming and there was no hesitation in calling the police, who arrived immediately.”

    The supposedly dangerous object was a canister for helium balloons

    London police agency Scotland Yard said the suspect object was described to officers as a shell casing. However, officials identified the alleged ammunition as a crushed gas canister for helium balloons. The object was then disposed of by the police.

    The canister was found at Camberwell Green Magistrates Court in south-east London where scenes for ‘Our Man From Jersey’ were being filmed. Other filming locations included King’s Cross train station and the Albert Bridge in Chelsea. It is not yet known when the Netflix film will appear on the streaming provider.