An antiperspirant has been proven to reduce the smell of sweat under the arms and is therefore indispensable for the daily morning routine in the bathroom. After roll-on deodorant and aerosol cans dominated drugstore shelves for a long time, they are now facing competition from deodorant creams.

Deodorants without aluminum salts have been around for a long time: It is not only in natural cosmetics that questionable ingredients in antiperspirants are avoided – many conventional products also do without antiperspirant ingredients. But what exactly distinguishes a deodorant cream from ordinary roll-ons and sprays? In fact, it is less the composition than the fact that the cream is said to be much more economical and therefore last longer than ordinary antiperspirants. In addition, most products do not use plastic packaging, instead many manufacturers use cans made of metal or glass. And that’s by no means all the advantages that deodorant creams have to offer.

A deodorant cream offers these advantages

Which deodorant do you recommend?

The fragrance of a deodorant cream is determined by the different ingredients. Which cream you choose is ultimately a matter of taste. Since most varieties are free of aluminum salts, alcohol, synthetic preservatives and fragrances, you really can’t go wrong with your purchase. Basically, it is recommended to pay attention to natural cosmetics – for health reasons, but also for the sake of the environment. Particularly popular brands include:

i mThe deodorant cream is filled into jars and sealed with an aluminum lid. There are seven different types, including a fragrance-free version for sensitive skin: According to the manufacturer, this product does not contain any mineral oils, lactose, aluminum salts, gluten, paraffins, parabens or PEG. i m stands for vegan, climate-neutral and animal-free cosmetics.

GreendoorThe Greendoor brand also relies on natural cosmetics. The products should be made from purely plant-based ingredients. Your deodorant cream is available in four different versions: a classic one with activated charcoal for sensitive skin and one specifically for men. The jars are made from 100 percent recycled plastic and hold 50 milliliters. According to their own statements, all products are aluminum-free.

PonyhütchenThe deodorant creams with coconut oil and shea butter from Ponyhütchen also do not contain aluminum salts, synthetic preservatives or alcohol. According to their own statements, the vegan products are filled by hand in small PET jars in a Berlin factory – which in turn can be sent back to the manufacturer after use and reused.

How to use a deodorant correctly

Due to the high yield, it is not necessary to distribute the deodorant cream generously under the armpits. Instead, just take a small amount and gently rub it into the skin with your fingers in circular motions. It is important here that you clean your armpits with a little water and mild soap before applying (preferably with a washcloth) – unless you have just taken a shower. Allow the cream to absorb briefly.

Tip: Since most products do not contain alcohol, they can be applied to freshly shaved armpits without hesitation. There is no risk of skin irritation.

Storing deodorant cream: this is how it works

Normally, a deodorant cream – as the name suggests – has a creamy consistency. However, the natural ingredients are relatively heat-sensitive, so the contents can quickly become liquid in the summer months. This does not change the effect, but it is much more difficult to apply. For this reason, it is advisable to store a deodorant cream in a shady and cool place, especially in summer. And don’t worry: even liquid deodorant cream will solidify again as soon as it cools down.

Another important note at the end: Like any ordinary antiperspirant (without aluminium), a deodorant cream only counteracts the smell of sweat – it does not reduce the amount of armpit sweat.

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