Rebel Wilson made her relationship with a woman public on Thursday. Apparently, her coming out was not entirely voluntary: the actress forestalled an Australian newspaper that put her under pressure.

Rarely has a post met with such a positive response as this one: On Thursday, actress Rebel Wilson posted a photo on Instagram showing her with a woman. The Aussie made it very clear that this is her new partner: “I thought I was looking for a Disney prince… but maybe what I really needed was a Disney princess all the time,” wrote them to the picture.

The coming out was well received by her followers: there were more than 1.7 million hearts for it, the almost 14,000 comments were almost exclusively positive: almost all fans congratulated and were happy with the “Pitch Perfect” star.

Fans rejoice with Rebel Wilson

But as it has now become known, coming out was not entirely voluntary. An Australian newspaper had previously put pressure on her and asked for a statement about her private life. But that’s not all: After Wilson preempted the newspaper’s post with her post, the Sydney Morning Herald lamented: “Wilson decided to twist the story and posted about her new ‘Disney Princess’ on Instagram early Friday morning ‘ wrote gossip columnist Andrew Hornery on Saturday.

There were protests from fans and activists who accused the newspaper of forcing the actress to come out. Rebel Wilson himself took to Twitter on Sunday, writing: “It was a difficult situation, I tried to handle it with dignity”.

The Sydney Morning Herald has since removed his article from its website. Hornery, who had made allegations against Wilson on Saturday, said he was contrite on Monday: he made mistakes and will learn from them, he wrote in a personal post. “It’s not The Herald’s job to ‘out’ people,” admitted the journalist, who, according to the article, is homosexual himself. He apologized for his late appearance in Saturday’s column: “It wasn’t fair and I apologize.”

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